Keanu Reeves Covered in Won Puppies Late Night This Week

In many ways, the late-night post-Oscars week belonged to Jimmy Kimmel. He had taken the previous week off, since he had to host a hell of a live show on Sunday. But it also gave Kimmel space to recap the awards show from the closest perspective possible — including the Jenny the Donkey controversy. But Kimmel was also noticed thanks to Nicole Byer. She discussed the fallout from her recent Kimmel appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers (while sporting absolutely gorgious butterfly clips), which brought some nice late-night continuity this week.

Besides the Kimmel of it all, I wanted to highlight two simpler sketches late at night this week: Ben Warheit dipped his toe into the nepo-baby conversation on Late at night, and Bob Odenkirk got weird with Blippi on The show tonight. The Blippi blip was particularly timely this week because, like Buzzfeed Katie Notopoulos pointed out, this week is the tenth anniversary of Blippi’s (deeply crude) first claim to fame. Besides those cute sketch moments, the following stochastic interactions with famous guys reigned late at night this week.

Seth Rogen was a perfect platonic ideal of a talk show guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel talked about the Oscars; Rogen spilled tea on the vanity lounge after the party. Kimmel mentioned Rogen’s awestruck attitude towards Steven Spielberg; Rogen delved deeper into the pathology of this particular friendship. But when Rogen juxtaposed the AVN Awards with the Oscars, that’s when this segment launched into the classic late-night “recycle in Time Life DVD” space. If you’re going to be preparing tracks for your late night appearance, always have spares. That’s what the world can learn from this clip.

Despite all attempts to sand the edges of his mark or make him a too-big-to-fail personality, Bad Bunny is a little weirdo. He plays in front of the camera on his “Carpool Karaoke” in a way Paul McCartney never could…but John Lennon probably would. Does that make sense? Bad Bunny is a freak, and there’s no number of Kardashians he could date that would take that away from him. Side note: I hope he moves on to AEW, the People’s Wrestling Federation.

Often, when a comedian gets a large enough audience, they have to endure the indignity of turning their stand-up material into a late-night semi-conversational banter session. Mrs. Pat seemed to be doing this with her tight fives on her husband’s new special dogs as well as her newfound fame and money with the Late at night audience. But whenever the audience gave an unexpected reaction – too much or too little – Ms. Pat responded with a cosmic level of side-eye. Get on his level, random 30 Rock audience! Ronald Reagan killed his dog, and you must be prepared for this information!

Have you ever thought about how Paris Hilton invented modern paparazzi culture to never be kidnapped again? For example, she’s created a system where some weird asshole photographer always knows where she is, which means her parents can never run away with her again and force her into some weird school where she’ll suffer ( allegedly) sexual assault and a number of other horrors? In any case, I think about it a lot. And this game Paris Hilton: fact or fiction on WWHL is imbued with this energy. No story about Paris Hilton is amazing, because really everything happened to her. The only thing keeping this segment from the #1 spot was that it never addressed his stated love for vintage radios. It’s the only thing we still need to hear about, Paris.

I’m sorry, do you want me to explain why Keanu Reeves absolutely covered in golden retriever puppies is the best thing to see late at night this week? John Wick, doggo advocate, simply resplendent with puppies – is that something that needs explaining? ! In what world?!? It’s beautiful and appropriate and so fuzzy. Climb on board!

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